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Birthday present was a huge success!!! 🎁 Thanks to _brookebasspdx for the amazing photography and t


Lindsay Lassen Kane

I create jewelry for the modern woman of any age. Jewelry to me is a way to represent your personality to the world, how much it costs or how much it sparkles is just for show. I hope to create jewelry that can be worn any day of the year, not just for a special occasion or with that specific outfit. I design this way because jewelry can last forever and the best jewelry represents who you are, because what is on the inside never changes.

My jewelry is the culmination of years of artistic trial and error that encompasses my New Orleans roots and the many mentors I have found along my journey. I hand craft copper enamel earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, etc. My process begins with individual hand cutting and shaping of each copper piece, some being more complex than others. Each copper piece inspires me as an artist and shows me which area of the body I should design it to rest upon. Then I bring the copper to life with a splash of color in my studio kiln where I create bright and vibrant enamel designs. I take each copper enamel piece and pair it with stones that I have collected from all over the world that inspire me and bring out the best in the copper shape, as well as, the color of the enamel. Lastly, I use a micro torch and Sterling Silver wire to create a beautiful piece that will stand on its own. Every piece is special and unique, and I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy making them.

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Pacifica, CA

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Ok!! I officially can't wait any longer to show y'all a sneak peak of my #llkdesigns #photoshoot wit
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